Who IS Veronica?

Having only been an employee at Veronica Michaels Bridal for a few months, I've been wondering that exact same thing. When going in for my interview I was so confident that I would be speaking to Veronica herself. Well turns out, I was way wrong with my assumption and would instead be greeted by the lovely and current owner, Leslie Carr. I was also introduced to Leslie's spunky husband, Michael. The question of who the "Michaels" in VMB was, was no longer a mystery. With their spark and spunk, I was excited to join the crew and quickly forgot to ask who Veronica was.

My first day came and I went to work learning all the fun things we get to do around the shop, but the question still remained, who is Veronica? I honestly felt a bit scared to ask since I figured everyone already knew! I met all the other employees and found that none of their names were Veronica.

I continued learning all about Leslie's family and realized there were quite a few names to remember, but still no Veronica... I did a little research on my own time to see if I could find any answers to my burning question. To no avail, I had almost given up all hope, but the very next day I had a customer come into the shop and ask if they could speak with Veronica. My mouth DROPPED. 

She IS a real person!

I thought to myself and stumbled a bit as I ran to grab my friend and co-worker, Chloe Henry. I explained to her what the customer had asked and she simply laughed, leaving to take care of their needs. Well now it was confirmed; Veronica is real and everyone except myself knows who she is.

I felt a bit embarrassed after the whole ordeal and decided it was best for me to drop the whole thing. It was obviously not very important that I needed to know who Veronica was and it didn't seem like I'd get an answer anyways. I went back to work as usual and ignored the pinging in the back of my head which I'd describe as curiosity. After all, curiosity did kill the cat.

Skip forward a few months and step foot into the back room of our adorable little shop. It's lunch time on a rather slow day so everyone is gathered and eating merrily together. For a moment, I had left to take a call in the lobby and returned only to hear the end of a conversation about Veronica. I knew the universe was playing jokes on me. Of course I missed out on hearing about Veronica, what else could everyone be talking about. I finished my meal feeling defeated yet again yet also felt a spark of my inner sleuth coming back.

Flash forward to today (I know I know, a lot of time jumping), I have FINALLY discovered "Who IS Veronica"? Drum roll, please....

It is none other than...

Michael's mother!! 

Well, Michael's mother's middle name... but consider me satisfied. After what felt like ages of trying to figure out who our lovely store is named after, I finally got an answer. This answer of course could also be found under the "About Us" tab on the main menu... but how could I have known! Aside from that, what's better than naming a bridal shop after the most influential wife, mother and woman there is. I haven't heard too much about the lady herself, but I know she raised a wonderful son who then encouraged his beautiful wife to follow her dreams in opening a store that helps woman feel confident, beautiful and like real life fairy-tale princess'.

If you've had the chance to meet our wonderful owners, Leslie and Michael, you'll know how blessed you are to have such wonderful humans in your life. They leave such a lasting impression of comfort and peace with anyone who they encounter. 

Meet the miracle worker seamstress and the quick witted joke master at your next visit to Veronica Michaels Bridal! Call 801-798-1337 to schedule an appointment today!


"Who IS Veronica?" written by Juliet Lorentzen

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